Election Reform Resources

How Corporations Own Your Politicians...

Money in Politics / Campaign Finance Databases

State-Level Campaign Finance Databases
Over 20 Ways You Can Get Involved to Promote Clean Elections & Democracy...

Campaign Financing

Overturn Citizens United Public Campaign Financing Campaign Finance Disclosure Free air-time for candidates
Encouraging More Choices

Instant Run-off Voting (IRV) / Ranked Choice Voting Easier ballot access for third parties Open debates Binding None-of-the-Above option
Right to Vote

Voter Protection (Voter ID, Voter Purges, Voter Suppression, etc.) Voting machine reform (no more hackable, private machines made by Republican-connected companies!) Public Agency Registration ("Motor Voter") Online Voter Registration Permanent Portable Voter Registration Universal Voter Registration Election Day Registration Early Voting and No-Excuse Absentee Voting Prisoner / Felon Voting Rights Lowering Voting Age Congressional Representation for DC
Democratizing Elections

Binding initiative and referendum Redistricting reform (ending gerrymandered districts) Proportional representation Electoral College Circumvention Voter education materials

Term Limits

Compulsory Voting

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