How to Overthrow Corporate Rule in 5 Not-so-easy Steps

Resources and information on fighting corporate power, democratizing our government and freeing people's time.

Many people are spending a lot of their time volunteering to stop specific environmental threats, to address a specific labor issue, or to stop various other corporate abuses to our communities. The number of problems seems endless. Isn't there a faster way to save the world?

This page is devoted to those who are interested in getting to the root of society's problems. How nice would it be if our government wasn't answering to their corporate masters, but to community concerns? How much easier would our efforts be if people weren't so overworked and had more time to volunteer? Wouldn't it be great to have the media reporting critically on serious community issues rather than pandering to the the interests of their wealthy owners and advertizers?

These are the reforms that make other reforms possible.

  1. Take away their money:
  2. Electoral/democracy:
  3. [A more comprehensive list of election reform resources can now be found on our electoral reform page.]

  4. Structural attacks:
  5. Human/worker rights:
  6. Redesign Corporations:

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