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3773 Cherry Creek N Dr Ste 955
Denver CO 80209 USA
Phone: (303) 388-1636
Fax: (303) 388-1684

Contact person: Linda Tafoya, executive director

Officers or principals: William K. Coors, president ($0); Peter H. Coors, vice president ($0); Jeffrey H. Coors, treasurer ($0).

Mission or interest: Grant-making foundation affiliated with the Coors family. Awards grants to conservative and free-market organizations.

Accomplishments: in the fiscal year ending November 1995, the foundation awarded $2,218,100 in grants (all other financial information is from the fiscal year ending November 1996). Recipients included: $152,000 for Hillsdale College; $150,000 for the Free Congress Foundation; $100,000 for the Heritage Foundation; $50,000 each for the American Legislative Exchange Council, Center for the Study of Popular Culture, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and the Nevada Policy Research Institute; $40,000 for the Education and Research Institute; $35,000 each for the Mountain States Legal Foundation and the Madison Center for Educational Affairs; $30,000 each for the Foundation for Teaching Economics and Independence Institute; and $25,000 each for the Center for Individual Rights, Defenders of Property Rights, Leadership Institute, National Association of Scholars, National Center for Public Policy Research, Pacific Legal Foundation, and Southeastern Legal Foundation. The foundation also made a loan of $900,000 to the Free Congress Foundation at 6%.

Total revenue: $4,883,179 (FY ending 11/96)
Total expenses: $1,574,457
Net assets: $58,379,551 (17%)

Tax status: 501(c)(3)
Annual report: Yes
Employees: 4

Board of directors or trustees: Holland Coors, Robert Windsor

Internships: No

Other information: Established in 1993, the Castle Rock Foundation was created with an endowment of $36,596,253 from the Adolph Coors Foundation. With the creation of the new foundation, the Coors Foundation ceased to award grants to public policy organizations and concentrated on conservation, cultural institutions, medical research, and education.

Although the executive director/secretary, Linda Tafoya, does not receive compensation from the Castle Rock Foundation, she has historically been paid by the Adolph Coors Foundation, where she continues to serve as secretary. In the fiscal year ending November 1996, the foundation received $4,089,565, or 84% of its revenue, from capital gains on the sale of assets. $793,614, or 16%, from dividends and interest from securities. The foundation held $55,774,414, or 96% of its assets in corporate stock.

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