Researching Corporations

When researching a corporations you're fighting, you'll want to get familiar with the parts of the Internet that will be most helpful to you. Here are a few good places to start.

  1. Visit the Corporate Dirt Archives page and visit the websites of the existing directories listed at the top of the page.

  2. See what the the Company's own website and other pro-corporation sites say about the company you're researching. You can look up corporate information through Yahoo's Finance Research Center.

  3. After you've exhausted what you can find on those sites, use the following links to find out specific things about the corporation you're researching:

  4. For more resources on corporate research, visit Corporate Watch's Guide to Researching Corporations.
    Another site that might be useful is the Public Information Network.

    Then, use a good search engine to locate other online resources about the corporation.

  5. Here two books that might help:

    As a last resort, there are organizations that will research a corporation for you if you pay them to do so:

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Last modified: 7 November 2004